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Spirited Away No-Face (Kaonashi) - Coin Munching Coinbank

Spirited Away No-Face (Kaonashi) - Coin Munching Coinbank

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The No-Face Coinbank makes saving money much easier. You can put several coins at once on the tray of the No Face Coinbank and it starts munching and the money will be saved. (not like conventional coinbanks for example, where you can only put individual coins one after the other inside)

With its automatic munching motion and music the No-Face Coinbank makes saving money much more fun and thus promotes the habit of saving money in the long term.

With its unique unusual design the No-Face Coinbank also stands out from conventional piggy banks and decorates your home or office and makes it more unique.

The No-Face Coinbank îs a cool merchandise and is a perfect eyecatcher for guests & colleagues.

The No-Face Coinbank is a perfect gift for both children, teenagers and adults.


Color: As shown in the pictures.
Material: ABS
Battery: 2x 1.5V 2AA batteries ( not included! )
Size: 8 cm x 16 cm x 22 cm / 8.66*6.3*2.87 inches

Scope of delivery: 1x Battery-powered Spirited Away "Noface" Coin Munching Coinbank (batteries not included)

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